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When Spark Job is running in spark standalone cluster the job is getting launched and succedded and infinite jobs are getting launched in spark cluster. Oozie workflow will be in running state forever as spark is launching job infinite times. This might be because in spark when job succeeds and it always do System.exit (0) . In LauncherSecurityManager exception is thrown for this.

However, even if they're completed, the driver and executor pods are still in a RUNNING state. The base images used to submit the Spark jobs to kubernetes are the ones that come with Spark, as described in the docs. This is what my spark-submit command looks like: When I run it for a simple program jar(say hello spark types example), it works fine when submitted via hue. But when I have a bigger jar(~96 MB), the job gets stuck in running state. There is no issue with the code as the same jar works perfectly with spark-submit on the very same environment, with the same conditions - running both in client mode for simplicity of debugging. SPARK-34645 [K8S] Driver pod stuck in Running state after job completes.

Spark job stuck in running state

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The batch job showing in batch job form but never execute always showing in waiting state. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Spark; SPARK-30677; Spark Streaming Job stuck when Kinesis Shard is increased when the job is running. Log In. Export. XML Word Printable JSON.

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Spark job stuck in running state

Generally, my spark job (spark 2.3.1) takes 1 hour to complete, but for a few occurrences, It keep running for more than hours (have to terminate EMR cluster  

Registries, Counters and Flags) There are the two methods you can use to create job definitions: 1. Using the AutoSys Graphical User Interface (GUI). 2. Using the AutoSys Job Information Language (JIL) through a command-line interface. In this tutorial we will use JIL language to create autosys jobs. JIL stands for Job Information Language. Hi @nmvega thanks for opening the issue!.

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Oozie workflow will be in running state forever as spark is launching job infinite times. This might be because in spark when job succeeds and it always do System.exit(0) .

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The time interval at which those jobs run varies between 1 second for some of the jobs, and 5 minutes for some other jobs. Each job starts a single stored procedure (different for each scheduled job). The job is created by 2017-02-02 2020-08-17 When using Spark, see Optimize Apache Spark jobs for performance.