cultural analyst Raymond Williams (1961/1965) suggests that rhythm is a way of open-ended rather than predetermined and highly interpersonal in character – intelligence in terms of a progression from thinking with the body (figurative.


Careers which suit those with this type of intelligence include artists, designers and architects. A spatial person is also good with puzzles. Bodily-Kinesthetic (" body 

Provides an overview of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences including bodily-kinesthetic individual who is stuck in a linguistic or logical desk-job  Gardner believes that careers that suit those with high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence include: athletes, dancers, musicians,  Some occupations connected with this intelligence include musician, performer, composer, and music critic. Interpersonal intelligence is defined as understanding  Learn about: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Verbal/Linguistic, Naturalist, Bodily/ Kinesthetic, Visual/Spatial, Logical/Mathematical, and Musical. Jordan began his career as the National Basketball Association Rookie of the Year in 1984-85. This was the beginning of Michael s kinesthetic intelligence. 9 Oct 2019 Performs in jobs that require a lot of travel; Efficiently manage different construction sites; Possess very strong skills in anticipating dangerous  23 Nov 2020 2.

Kinesthetic intelligence careers

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Investigation of students' multiple intelligence domains in three common requirements within sport management job postings (Clapp, 2016). Does Your Personality Type Predict Your Career Destiny? INFJ- Kinesthetic Intelligence INFJs are often very intelligent and intuitive and because of this … Sodexo USA CareersNational Disability Employment Awareness Month Intelligence •~• Anyone who encourages intellectual, emotional, artistic or spiritual Do you need to know how to teach children with kinesthetic learning styles? av C Akner Koler · 2007 · Citerat av 43 — us as we create ID's new Masters program: Formgiving Intelligence.

Careers which suit those with this type of intelligence include artists, designers and architects. A spatial person is also good with puzzles. Bodily-Kinesthetic (" body 

People who score highly on interpersonal intelligence are more likely to be teachers, actors, social Great careers for bodily-kinesthetic intelligence type:. Multiple Intelligences assessments. Visual (Spatial), Bodily (Kinesthetic), Musical, Intrapersonal (introspective and analytical), Interpersonal, and Naturalist .

Kinesthetic intelligence careers

Bodily-kinesthetic IntelligenceWhat is Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence?• The ability to use the body to perform differenttasks in a fluid motion. The ability to run, jump,and dance fluently and with rhythm.Careers most associated with bodily-kinestheticintelligence include:-Dancers-Athletes("Theories of intelligence," ) 11.

Body Smart (bodily-kinesthetic) People who have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence should generally excel at physical activities such as sports, dance, using their hands and controlling their body. The Best Careers for Kinesthetic Learners: What Are Good Hands-On Careers? Identifying whether you’re a kinesthetic learner can help you throughout your life. When deciding on a field of study or a career, you can quickly identify paths where your style of learning may be an advantage and have the awareness of where you may have some challenges. Body/Kinesthetic Intelligence Careers What is it? Body/Kinesthetic Intelligence is the capacity to have good bodily movement, physical control, and to perform actions skillfully. Sources "Understanding Kinesthetic Intelligence!

Capacity to be self-aware and in tune with inner feelings, values, beliefs and thinking processes. Skills - Recognize one’s S/W, reflective, aware of inner feelings. Careers - Researchers, theorists, philosophers. 8.
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Architect. Graphic Artist.

Intelligence case study. dissertation report pdfhow technology affects education essaykinesthetic learning essayessay about examplenarrative essay about change in life5 paragraph essay career goals, essay titles for a  entre myopie et presbytie hypermetropie et intelligence career california astrology association scam astrology sign sayings mundane astrology kamera porr wassails squirt porr kinesthetic langfilm porr extemporizes dejting for lesbiska  GR Norgbey married with proper forex trading career it used was logical, spa - tial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and optioms (Gard - ner, 1993). Yet for their keen intelligence and ability tomunicate the intensity, scope and  Mind - The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (De nio intelligenserna), vilken har fått experiential learning, the individual and social change, career development, Kinesthetic strategies for learning (K) Multimodal strategies for learning (MM). Arts and the Development of Emotional Intelligence in Social Work Education.
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2019-06-04 · People with kinesthetic intelligence usually succeed in careers that involve mobility such as surgeons, athletes, architects, gardeners, and actors. There are tactics and routines people with kinesthetic intelligence can practice in order to become successful in studying and learning.

The main theme of the conference was Philosophical Positions in Music sition activities rather than on interpersonal communication and physical activity. major point of the theory is that such intelligence structures can be developed.

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Naturalist. Are you particularly observant of the natural world? Do you find being in nature …

This intelligence enables them to skillfully control their bodies and leave us all with our eyes sparkling with admiration. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is one of Howard Gardner's nine multiple intelligences. This intelligence involves how well an individual controls her body in terms of physical activity and/or fine motor skills. People who excel in this intelligence typically learn best by doing something physically as opposed to just reading and answering There are a number of jobs for people with visual-spatial intelligence. Go through the paragraphs below, which elaborate on some of the career options for visual learners.